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Simply Loving Those Anal Videos

anal videos

Even before I met Evelyn, I was deeply into these anal videos. Sticking my dick into a nice and juicy ass has always been amazingly exciting for me. That was the only way I could cum and unload my jizz and feel cool about it. All other forms of sex are all right, but they just don’t do it for me as much as the butt fuck does. I had some hookups and I had some friends with benefits and all of them were into the same things like I was, so it was all cool. However, in time, I started wanting some deeper and truer connection with a woman that transcends just screwing every now and then. That is when I men Evelyn at a party and we had some awesome time. I called her back the day after and we started dating.

Everything was going fine until it came down to our first fucking. She gave me a nice and juicy blowjob and I did my best to lick her pussy right. It was just the start, as we waited for that first lovemaking for a long while. I slipped down my fingers and touched her vag that was already wet, sliding my fingers one by one inside her. As she moaned, my dick was getting harder and harder. I turned her around and bent her over the couch. Her pink pussy was almost gaping, asking to be fucked. The nice, little asshole also grabbed my intention, but I wasn’t sure if she was into it. Therefore, I didn’t want to ruin the whole thing and decided to take it slowly.

I rammed her sweet cunt, from behind, staring at that asshole, wanting to dip my dick inside so hard that I licked my finger and started to work it gently and slowly. I just pressed the pit of my finger against it to see if she would mind. To my great surprise and happiness, she didn’t. So I began to do it more and more and soon enough my whole finger was inside. I fingered her asshole while fucking her pussy. It was all fine until I tried to put my dick inside.

Evelyn didn’t mind, but I guess her tight booty was too small for my member. She allowed me to try several times, but it didn’t work out. I would push my horny cock inside that little opening, but I couldn’t even get my tip in. In the end, it started to hurt her too much so I gave up on it. Everything else was just fine, but being unable to screw that ass really got me down.
We talked about it and I told her what was troubling me. Evelyn was a true gem. She suggested a weird, amazing, sexy and excellent compromise. We would fuck with our laptop turned on, and at that laptop, I would play hot anal porn while fucking her in her pussy. Of course, it is not the same like getting some proper anal rimming, but it is close enough. And who knows, perhaps in time, Evelyn would be relaxed enough to take it all in.

But, I’m not obsessed with it anymore as I have a girl who understands my needs and tries to find the solution for them. It is better, more valuable and sexier than any of the porn videos and rectum destroying sex tapes that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She is my love and she is all that I want in a woman, except that one thing that she cannot give to me. However, it isn’t like she is denying me my pleasure. She is actually doing her best to help me enjoy it in the best possible way. Now, each time I get a hardon, I get to be with a chick who totally gets my kink and supports it the best she can. Hardly anybody can say that it gets better than that. Don’t forget to check these hot anal videos at

My Pussy Want Big Cock Pussy Videos

Denise worked part time at a diner in Manhattan and loved to watch free porn videos she took her breaks. One night during one of her shifts, she waited on a very handsome man. Every time the man looked at Denise in the eyes, she could feel her pussy seeping through her underwear. The man was dressed in a sexy black suit as he ate dinner alone. As he sat there and ate, Denise could feel him checking her out. She could feel him undressing her with his eyes.

When the man finished eating, Denise brought him the bill, and noticed a little note on the table that included a nice tip. The note said, “you have the sexiest eyes that I’ve ever seen”. Denise blushed when she read the note and hoped that the man would come back again.

The next night, Denise was working again when she noticed the man come back into the diner. As soon as he sat down, Denise went over to take his order. After she was done, Denise slipped the man a note before she walked away. The note said, “let’s go somewhere, so you can fuck my cunt and lick my big natural tits”. The man couldn’t believe it. He immediately noticed that his dick was getting hard inside his pants.

He couldn’t even stand up because his dick was so big. Everybody would see it sticking out of his pants. Denise could see the mans cock from underneath the table so she sat down next to him and started chatting with him. While she was sitting there, Denise slowly reached under the table and started rubbing on his big cock. The man couldn’t believe how daring she was. It made him even hornier.

It was late at night and there were only a few people left in the diner and they were sitting on the other side of the restaurant. Denise had to close that night so she was the only one still working. She wasted no time and started to jerk his dick off. It felt so good that the man in the suit looked at her with a seductive look. He wanted to take her out back and fuck her pussy hard.

The man quickly reached his hand underneath the table and slid his hand up Denise’s skirt. He quickly started to finger fuck her vagina. Both of them were playing with each other very hard and wanted to fuck badly. Denise whispered in the man’s ear and said, “follow me”. Denise stood up and walked toward the back room as the man followed. Once they were alone, Denise ripped the man’s clothes off piece by piece.

She wasted no time in getting on her knees as she started sucking his big dick so good that the man quickly shot cum all over her face. The man wanted to eat Denise’s cunt so he bent over and started licking her clit. Denise loved it as she started to fuck the man’s face extremely fast. As she kept gliding her clit over his tongue, Denise could tell she was about to cum. All of a sudden, her cunt shot all over his face.

The man’s huge dick was still rock hard. He quickly bent Denise over and started fucking her doggystyle. Denise was getting fucked so hard that you could hear their skin slapping against each other. “Here I cum”, the man yelled. As soon as the words left his mouth, he shot a big load deep inside her pussy. After it him uploaded these pussy videos to

It was the best sex that both of them had ever had. Every night after that, the man with the big cock would come back to the diner and the two of them would fuck in the storage room. Denise made sure she volunteered to close up every night after that.

All the Types of Gay Boy Movies that You Want to Watch

Gay Boy Movies Tube

For a straight person, all gay boys are the same and mostly they can’t see the difference between them. However, that is not true at all. At the same time, homosexual men have many different classifications and they belong to a lot of groups according to their preferences in sex, to their appearance, sometimes even age. We all know that top homos are the ones who fuck, bottom ones are those who get fucked and then versatile are those that enjoy both ends of the party. But all three of these groups can be classified further and all of them have their porn at gay boy movies.


When you say that somebody is a gay boy, you are probably thinking about twinks. They are the young boys without facial hair, with properly waxed bodies, if there is even need to wax them. They are innocent looking and their age is under 30. Some of them may be muscular, but mostly, they are thin and gentle. In terms of tapes, they are usually in those sex movies where a big and strong male destroys their ass and fucks their throats. Some soft and hard BDSM can occur in these clips too. Dominantly, they are bottoms. Currently, the black gay boy movies are very popular.


These are when homosexual men are fully grown and at a certain age where they have a steady income and a good job. They dress sharply and have a thing for young gay boys. Therefore, this type of queer man is represented by a boss of some company, a doctor or some man that’s in a position of authority. In sex clips, you will find them fuck a twink that they have their eye on, usually their patient, subordinate or someone like that. However, this type of movie has rarely had BDSM elements as they are dominant, but rarely aggressive. Mostly, they are tops, rather than bottoms.


This is a very interesting community in the LGBT world and they are definitely among the most wanted homosexuals. They are big, muscular, very masculine, perhaps even on the verge of being a little bit chubby. They have tons of body hair and usually wear leather, big boots, chains and other similar stylistic details. They are perceived as true men and they are mostly tops. Bottoms are present as well, but this is the majority. The BDSM sex tapes are full of these dudes ravaging twinks and even other bears. They have a reputation of alpha males to maintain, so porn tapes are full of the movies with them in leading roles.


These are the dudes that all twinks and regular, uncategorized homosexual people dream about. They are those hot muscular guys in their prime, that don’t really have to fit into any of the categories as they are pretty perfect just the way they are. You can picture them with another sandwich guy quite easily. They can be top, bottom or versatile alike. Being as such, the free videos of gay boys are on the verge of erotic and romantic because, as much as they are sex objects, guys want to date them rather than fuck them. One good place to watch free gay porn boys is

These are just some of the most frequent and the most commonly noticed classifications of homosexual types. If we were to go deeper into this topic, there would be some drag queens, ladyboys, subclassifications of bears and other types as well. However, when you are talking about homosexuals, here are the first four types that you will bump into.
Take your pick as the porn industry is really big and various and you can play those xxx gay boys movies to entertain yourself and unload from time to time if there isn’t anybody that you could hookup with.

Even if you don’t really want to hookup or fuck, but just want to have a private evening at your home; you can choose from all the movies in which these men fuck each other which combine all the probable and all improbable combinations of these types of guys. After all, the porn industry is show business and every combination goes. Click here to watch these gay boy movies at

What is the Deal with Ass Fingering Videos?

Watch free ass fingering videos

Some would say that you really need to try it if you need to ask this sort of question. That sensitive and very sensual part of the human body can give you tons of pleasure if you stimulate it right. Also, it is really fun to play with somebody’s bum button because you can have that power trip of increasing their pleasure just by using your hands. Of course, there is always a good and a bad way to do something like this, so ass fingering videos is not an exception.

The key is hygiene, sensuality and keeping a close eye to your partner’s reactions. If they go with the flow, it is an amazing experience. A dick or a dildo up somebody’s butt can be painful and it can ruin a perfectly good fuck. Therefore, doing it with a finger or two can be very cool and just the thing for both of you. You can learn how to do it on any free hot video site.

Fingering a girl means that your hands must be extremely clean, as well as her anus. One very important thing about doing it to a girl is that you may not by no means touch her rectum and then her pussy. That will cause many infections that can be cured only with the use of antibiotics and they need to be treated for a long time. Therefore, once your finger has been inside her anus, don’t put it anywhere else after that. You can actually use your middle and your index finger to fuck her pussy while letting the pinky do all the work around her butthole. In that way, getting inside her will be even easier as she will be turned on and more relaxed. Double stimulation is more than welcome! Add some clit licking to the equation and you have yourself some serious lady pleasing going on.

However, when you are doing it, you need to start slowly, carefully and all lubed up. Sometimes, lube may not be necessary, but it is always easier with it and it makes things more pleasurable for both parties. Firstly, simply press one finger against the entrance and massage it carefully. You will notice that there’s resistance because it is a natural reaction to the touch. If your partner is seriously turned on, the whole thing gets a lot easier. Massage the butthole, try and circle the tip of your finger inside. Once it is done, everything is far easier. For a while, only move that tip in and out, so that the sensation becomes pleasant and the muscle of the rectum is all worked up. After that, you can place the whole thing inside and increase the power with which you are fucking that butt. If you are lucky, that butthole will be stretchy and that person just might be able to take two fingers inside it. Don’t force this one because you might end up hurting somebody. After all, it is not a big hole you are dealing with.

Hot anal fingering videos will show you that this is not only for girls. There are many boys that like for a girl to have a pinkie up their butt while giving them a blowjob or when they are fucking them in a missionary position. However, girls need to be quite sure that guys want that before trying it because unexpected anal penetration will not be appreciated by a lot of men. Therefore, wander a bit around it before touching it and keep an eye on the partner’s reaction.

Whether you are giving or on the receiving end, this type of fucking is simply great and it helps in reaching orgasm significantly. So, even if you’ve never done it before, try to open up your mind and your pretty butt to this idea because it will definitely be worth your while. Watch these ass fingering porn at http://www.Erolash.XXX.

Her Private Collection of Lesbian Clit Videos

Naked Sex Life: Lesbian Clit Videos

Claire was a dyke. She was sure of it. She loved girls, their feminine curves, their bodies, soft lips, hot pussies and skillful fingers. She also like dildos, and she enjoyed the strapon sex. Usually, she would end up on the receiving end of that sex, and she didn’t mind that. She was a petite, strawberry blonde with freckles, and she looked fragile and vulnerable. But her personality was far from weak. She did some kinky stuff during that time, and she had her share of girls. When she was alone, she even watched lesbian clit videos.

One time, Claire wanted to have some alone time, and she played a free MILF xxx movie. Just like always, she was looking for a lesbian video at and when she saw what seemed like two girls on a thumbnail. She played it. Those girls were kissing and sucking on each other tits. Imagining that she was one of them, Claire started playing with her pale orange nipples on her small, but firm tits. The camera showed a close-up of the big sloppy kiss of these two girls and their tongues wrestling.

Claire could almost feel the breath of another woman on her mouth. As the camera went down their bodies, Claire stroked her own body, already reaching her perfectly shaved, tight little pussy. She always had a hard time receiving a whole dildo inside it, as she was too tight. Her cunt was very cute, and all closed up, but a lovely pink button of her cunt was showing just a bit. It almost invited girls to lick it as soon as they saw it.

However, as Claire massaged her big tits and her g-spot, getting ready to ride her reasonably sized dildo from her collection of new toys, the video shower the action: one of the girls had a big dick. It was a shemale. To her utter surprise, Claire found that she was shocked, but aroused at the same time. A couple moments before she would come by touching herself, she was face to face with a big, horny dick on a porn movie.

As a homosexual woman, she felt that she should be disgusted, but as a girl, she just wanted that thing jammed inside her tight twat. She basically sat on her dildo. She wanted to ride it, to suck it, to ravish her own vagina with it. She shemale from the xxx movie looked stunning. Claire felt arousal she never felt before. Was it possible, that all this time, she had dated the wrong women?

There was no time for these thoughts as an orgasm prepared in her body like a storm. Claire could feel that it was about to be a big one. She came with her tit in one hand and her dildo in another, throbbing it inside her vagina.

Claire fell on the bed, exhausted. She stared at the ceiling and thought about what happened. She would have to reconsider her sexual preferences. This felt too good to be ignored. She loves MILF pussy licking so much! Click here to watch these lesbian clit videos online!

Reasons I’m Crazy about Huge Natural Tits

For me, tits aren’t tits, if they are smaller than a C cup. Everything lower than that is totally invisible for me. I am a breast man and I love them amazingly big. If you want to know how big, you should check out these huge natural tits and that will be enough for you to get me and understand just what size I’m talking about. I adore those luscious and massive melons that I can lick and knead, play with and motorboat. However, I had a lot of time to think about that and all the reasons why precisely I enjoy large bonkers so much. This is what I’ve come up with, and these things are just my honest opinion and nothing more.

Feeling under the fingers

I think there is nothing as soft, lovely and nice as feeling amazingly massive boobies under your fingers. What drives me crazy is that moment when I try to fit the entire breast into my hand and I simply cannot do it. The tender and gorgeous flesh of the tit fits between my fingers and looks like some heavenly dough.

Sex positions

Free big natural tits tube examples

I could worship a colossal rack in almost every position during fucking. It is amazing to watch them in action and to watch them in motion. In the missionary position, while my dick is pounding the pussy, with each thrust, those tits jiggle and wriggle like jelly. They seem like they are begging me to touch them and play with them. In doggy style, you can feel them swing back and forth while you are ramming the blonde girl from behind. If you grab them while doing so, the whole fuck becomes even more interesting. It’s also nice to cum into busty milf women with round ass.

Once the teen girl is on top, you get to see the wonderful view of two round and delicious melons swinging, bouncing, jumping and swaying in the rhythm in which this women is riding your cock. The last, but definitely not the least is the tit fucking. Is there anything sexier than that? You simply stick your penis between those boobs and fuck them like a pussy. If the chick really knows how to please a man, she will wait for the glans with her mouth open.

Appearance in the bra

Squeezing them together and shaping them into two enormous balls that defy gravity, a babe makes it almost impossible for a guy not to think about fucking her and ripping that off. There is something great and teasing about that underwear that is on the verge of bursting from the size and the shape of those tits. That is definitely something to love. Not to mention its majesty, the cleavage. It may divert looks, cause boners and wake up any dick. It is not anything less than a wonder of nature.

Appearance without the bra

The best huge natural tits videos to watch

This gorgeous, hot and sexy picture of large boobs in the cups gets even more interesting when they are taken off. Then, those lovely pillows show themselves in their full capacity, leaving me breathless. I love seeing huge boobs in a bra, but once I remove it, it is like entirely another dimension of beautiful and horny for me. If their dressed-up look is erotica, their bare, naked look is just pure sex. Once the bra is off, I simply have to stick my cock into something as I get viciously horny and turned on. These porn videos are available at huge tits tube.

Body shape

One of the good sides of having those massive boobs is the fact that the whole body, once in shape, looks better. The belly, the hips and the thighs, they all look better and thinner. All the eyes are on the natural huge tits, so the body appearance is always cool. For additional information, please check these huge natural tits and other big boobs websites..

The First Time We Watched Anal Sex Videos

anal sex videos

I’ve known Rosa all my life. Her mother was our cleaning lady, and she brought Rosa to play with me when she had to work around our house. Rosa and I loved to play together, and we developed a friendship that lasted even after high school. We loved the same books, the same music, and we shared many interests together. Of course, we soon realized the differences between girls and boys and puberty weren’t easy on us. We were both young, hormonal and sexy, and the attraction was bound to happen.

One day, after her 18th birthday, Rosa came to my room and asked me if I’d ever seen anal sex videos. She was raised very strictly, so these kinds of things came a bit later in her life. She also said that she found out about this amazing site called and that she wanted us to check it out together. I knew what was going on, so I locked the door and we played a move from that site.

It was a erotic anal sex movie of an interracial couple. Rosa stared at it in awe. Her cheeks got all red, and I realized she was sweating a lot. We were on my bed, lying on our bellies and out arms touched. I turn my head to look at her, and suddenly she kissed me! I was in shock, but I wasn’t about to miss out on that chance. I kissed her back, and before I knew it, we were rolling and kissing on my bed, without our shirts on. Her amazing tits were pressing against my body while I was holding her ass and kissing her.

I got a little hesitation from her when I tried to unbutton her pants. But I promised not to hurt her or do anything she didn’t feel right about. I wasn’t about to fuck her, I realized that she was a virgin, but I wanted her to cum. So, I took off her panties and saw the lovelies and the sweetest pussy in the world. I dived in it and licked it gently, sniffing the amazing scent that it had. I felt my cock pulsating in my pants, but I knew I shouldn’t stick it inside that tight virgin pussy. I licked her clit and enjoyed her moans and sighs as my tongue found its way deep inside between her pussy lips.

She came, shivering and trembling all over her body. Then she sat on the bed, kissing me and taking my cock in her hands. She glanced a couple of times at the ass fucking movies on the screen, probably to encourage her. Clumsily, she jerked me off, and that was the most amazing hand job I ever got. I spilled my load in her hands and fell down on the bed. We were both happy, but we also knew, sooner or later, we were to go all the way. But not that time, because we will have anal sex soon. You can watch these anal porn movies at

From Mature Lesbian Videos To Real Life Lesbian Sex

Mature lesbian videos

I’ve always been passionate about mature lesbian videos, watching them on a regular basis, whether I was at work or at home. Being a woman myself, I knew how wonderful touching another horny girl could be – touching her with the tongue, enjoying her wet pussy, playing with her huge breasts, hearing her moaning and demanding more. I’ve watched several mature lesbian videos, always enjoying how MILF women were playing with each other, eating their pussies out and licking their clits. I wanted to try it – badly, but how was I supposed to find a lady depraved enough to accept my pervert, sick sexuality as normal?

Obviously, I wasn’t expecting one to come to my door and seduce me, like they were doing in all porn movies that I was watching every day. I was sexy enough for them to want me, but did they want a woman? The answer to that question I was going to find soon, the next day more exactly, at a police station.

I was driving my car as normally, when a mature, 40 and something year old hot police woman stopped me. Needless to mention the bunch of words and replies between us, only to find myself dragged forcefully to the closest police office in my area. That blonde police woman was truly sexy – she has big tits, and her legs were unexpectedly toned for her age. The questions that weren’t leaving me alone were: what had I done wrong and why was I there?

“You must be very daring to drive so fast, young lady,” she told me, with a subtle smile. “Not actually,” I answered, visibly interested by the weird tone of that sexy, yet strict lady. “I’ll teach you some driving lessons, dear,” she said, her voice coarser and sexier. With nobody in the office, she unzipped her jeans, took off her panties and sat on the table, her legs widely opened, with her pussy clearly observable. That looked like all milf lesbian videos I’d always watched, with only one major difference – it was happening for real.

“Lick my pussy,” she ordered. I looked at her vagina – it was dripping wet, pink, and it was nearly beginning me to penetrate it with my tongue. I started to lick her desperately, enjoying every minute of feeling her cunt, trying to taste her as much as possible. She was getting wetter, and she enjoyed my treatment. “You like eating my pussy, don’t you?” she asked. Without answering, I slightly bitted one of her labia, rubbing it with my teeth. “Oh my God, that’s how I like having my cunt licked. Keep doing that,” she ordered.

I spanked her cunt and started to finger-fuck her. “Yeah, just like that,” she was moaning. “You’ve licked vagina before, haven’t you, slut?” she asked. “I’ve always wanted to, but never had the opportunity,” I replied. “Good – I’ll train you to become my slut, lick my pussy wherever I want. You’ll be mine. Do you want that, do you want to lick my cunt, spank it and feel my lesbian clit in your mouth?” “Yes, I want it, badly!”

Then she came – it was nothing like any mature lesbian videos I’ve ever watched, but more intense, exciting and pleasurable.

During One of Those Nights, the Only Cure Is Funny Sex Video

Free download funny sex videos

Ever since I moved into this flat, I noticed that the neighbor from the opposite building is kind of spying on me. If I happen to forget to draw my curtains, he will stand on his window, only in his bathrobe, staring at me. At first, I thought it was very freaky. After a while, it was just annoying. “Now, when I’m home, alone, and a little bit of drunk, I think it’s sexy. Hell, I will give him something to look at! I just need something to get me into the mood.”

Those were exactly the thoughts that I had the other night when I got home from a party the other night. I saw him staring at me, so I played some of the funny porn that I could find at and turned the screen so that he can see these funny pictures, jokes and free cartoons for adults. I guess that he couldn’t actually see the video, but he could figure it out. I began undressing in front of him, giving him a full frontal view. I unbuttoned my shirt and took my tits out of my bra. I started playing with my nipples and twisting them a bit. I also cupped both of my big breasts and moved them a bit while massaging them.

After that, I started taking down my skirt and my panties. I only left the stockings on. All the time, I was staring at the guy. He realized that I was giving him the private show, and he dropped his bathrobe. He was naked underneath, and he had a big, horny dick under that robe. That got me started. I went to my bedroom and brought a big dildo that I have. I stopped looking at the guy and focused on the funny sex videos from While I was watching the video, I licked and sucked on my dildo. I held it with both hands, and I soaked it with my own spit. I could see that the guy started stroking his cock.

Therefore, I lied down on my bed, spread my legs for him and began sliding the big dildo inside my twat. At first, my moves were pretty slow, and I really took my time. However, I could only prolong it for a while as I really got turned on by the sounds those guys at the video at were making. All the sighs and the moans made me really hot and horny. All that combined with the fact that that weirdo is jerking off at the sight of my dripping wet pussy made me so horny that I had to hold back the orgasm.

But it all took me over and I started jamming that dildo inside myself while massaging my clit at the same time. It was all over in a second, and as I came, I rolled to the side with the dildo still inside me. I glanced at my neighbor. He came all over his window. That was the hottest sight ever! You can watch these funny porn videos at

Although I Like Porn, Missionary Sex Videos Is My Thing

Missionary Sex Videos

I love watching all sorts of weird porn on the internet, just as much as the next guy. I like porn and admittedly, I rarely watch missionary sex videos. It is considered to be boring and while you watch it, it is. However, I have to say that my favorite position when I’m having sex is actually just that. That was the most amazing sex that I’d ever had, and I guess that it is the reason why I tend to cling to it. Sometimes, me and my wife say that that night was the reason I married her.

We were just friends then, and we were spending a night in a cottage that belongs to my uncle. It was a weekend away because I just got fired and I needed some down time. It was snowing, we had an open fire going and the blankets on the floor. Lisa and I knew each other for ages, so it wasn’t something we planned. We were sipping wine and talking. I guess the wine was a bit strong because we started talking how much we loved each other and how much we meant to each other.

The next thing you know, we were kissing. We didn’t plan for that to happen, but it did, so we went along with it. The damage was already done with the kiss, so at least we could have some fun. She held my head, kissing me while I was laying her on her back on the blankets. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me and pushing me away while I unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra, revealing two pale, juicy and tender breasts that smelled of her perfume. We were soon naked, and I was kissing her tits, licking my way around her hard nipples. I allowed her to lick my index finger and then slid it down her body to her pussy. We were more than ready to heat things up!

Once there, I circled around her clit and inserted two fingers into her pink slit. She moaned and protruded her hips forward. She was like a puppet on my fingers as I slid them in and out. I decided it was time to fuck her, and I spread her legs and entered her tight twat with my cock. I leaned forward, fucking her and gazing straight into her eyes. That turned us both on, wildly. She circled her hips, moving them up and down while I rammed her with my hard dick. At first, it was gentle, but then we both got wild and hardcore.

In the end, I pulled out right before my orgasm, stroked it a bit and unloaded on her bare stomach. I never thought that missionary sex videos could be so intense as I always imagined it to be a form of gentle love making. With Lisa, everything I felt was intense and amazing. That was when we realized we were meant for each other.